Wooden And laminated Floor

All laminate floors are built with the precise same method and are layered together with unique materials to ensure their outstanding power and endurance.

The top layer is made of an extremely resistant transparent material called melamine. The second layer is the decorative paper, which represents real wood extremely realistically. The center layer is produced of fiberboard with high density, to offer the board a resistance and to guarantee a very low extension when mounted. The bottom layer is known as’ scale-off paper,’ which guarantees that the board is completely straight without warping.

Laminate flooring is a very economical and ecological flooring alternative that not nurtures esthetic appearance, but also provides years of wear and durability. The uni-click patented locking system, which means that no adhesives or glues are required and perfect and quick installation, is a quick and easy way of installing laminate flooring. Although laminate floors are unsuitable for wets, such as kitchens or bathros, a very limited maintenance of the prefabricated top layer is one of the many advantages of laminate flooring. You do not need to sand or varnish / oil like a floor.

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