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Our certified cleaning team can securely, efficiently and cost-effectively wash the windows high in your construction. Our team will be securely fastened to the ceiling with the help of eyebolt anchor points as needed and rapidly descend downwards on your elevated elevation construction. Every technician is trained and licensed abseilers and safety is of utmost importance. The rope, anchors and handheld machinery are available to us. This is it. This is it. For you, this means significant savings because you need not worry about obtaining permits and we don’t have costly facilities for which you can pay.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

For all the right reasons, our revolutionary service springs up around Dubai. We offer an comprehensive and efficient window cleaning solution that is imported straight from Dubai and is made using pure water-fed cleaning of pole materials. Regular tap water contains minerals which leave the residue of glass after washing. However, the ultra-pure water through 5 individual filtration stages is used for our cleaning window solution. This means that the water is totally unclean and your windows can dry naturally without being afraid to streak.

Why is this technique is so much better than standard window cleaning
  • Safer cleaning – This technique virtually eliminates any need for ladders*
  • Faster cleaning – ‘Reach and Wash’ technology cleans in around half the time of traditional methods and we can pass on this saving to you.
  • Higher cleaning – We can now safely reach windows up to 70 feet high!
  • Better cleaning – Pure water acts like a dirt magnet with no mineral residue means a gleaming and totally stain free finish.

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