Annual Maintenance

Annual Home Maintenance Contract

Your safety is our highest concern. We guarantee full peace of mind through our annual preventive maintenance packages in Pakistan. Secure yourself and your family from future health & security hazards from defective, worn-out or broken equipment & fixtures that can malfunction at any stage without a warning that can trigger a lot of pressure.

Regular tests & inspections allow us to fix defective machinery & facilities, enhance their effectiveness and also boost their lifespan ensuring longevity & maintaining your property in pristine condition for years together also saving you a lot of cash on emergency call outs & repair expenses. All preventive maintenance operations are performed at you

We can help you with the following services:

  • Unlimited Callouts for Emergencies – Available 24/7
  • 90-Minute Guaranteed Response for Emergencies
  • Service & Maintenance of A/C Units
  • Service & Maintenance of Fixed Electrical Fittings
  • Service & Maintenance of Plumbing Units
  • Unlimited Reactive Maintenance
  • Callouts for Handyman Services
  • Water tank cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Facade cleaning
  • Drains flushing
  • Villa Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance

Floor Maintenance

Marble is very lovely, but the stone is smooth. It will scratch, fade and lose its brightness and luxury if it is not correctly preserved. Maintenance of marble relies on where the floor, wall, washing machine or whatever is used to maintain it. It is high time to think about marble polishing if the marble surface loses its natural glory and overall look.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning


Air-Condition Maintenance

We know the sensitive nature of such systems and therefore care is taken with professional compressed air systems to restore them to their initial condition. Our fully qualified personnel are able to easily address any potential challenges and we can retain any air management scheme without the use of potential dangerous chemicals by using our compressed air units.

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